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Lipoma are benign soft tissue tumors stemming e.g. from subcutaneous adipose tissue. Mainly they arise at a higher age but they also can be present from birth on. Treatment, if necessary, is carried out surgically. The mechanism of origin of lipomas is yet unknown.
Lipomas are cytogenetically well characterized. Common are aberrations including chromosomal region 12q13-15. A considerable part of these consists of translocations with chromosome 3, t(3;12)(q27-28;q13-15), but other chromosomes can be involved, too.
Affected by this t(3;12) are the HMGA2 gene localized on chromosome 12 and the LPP gene on chromosome 3. The translocation results in a new fusion gene.

Karyotype of a lipoma with a translocation t(3;12)
Lipoma Karyotype